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Looking Like a Young Life Leader

When I became a Young Life leader, looking the part wasn’t necessarily new to me, because the look is similar to what camp counselors wear and I knew a majority of female leaders wore t-shirts two sizes too large and Nike runnings shorts or leggings like these counselors. But what I didn’t pay attention to were the details of this Young Life leader “look,” from the popular brands to the accessories that partner it.

Young Life leaders have this “unofficial uniform,” wearing brands like Patagonia, Nike and Chacos, completing it with things like Camelbak water bottles and Eno hammocks.

What surprised me most about this fashion statement is that it prides itself on being practical and comfortable, but by no means is it comforting to the wallet especially for a college student like myself.

I’ve heard it repeatedly that the Chaco is Young Life’s shoe, but the price for them begins at $105, and a basic Patagonia pullover fleece sweater starts at $99.

Although I had one Camelbak water bottle, a couple pairs of Nike running shorts, and an Eno hammock before digging into this trend, I felt like I couldn’t quite complete the look without having to break into my bank account for a pair of specific sandals and a sweater.

Nevertheless, I participated in this trend as best as I could, looking to Pinterest for added inspiration.

On Sunday night, I picked out an oversized Young Life sweatshirt I bought when I went to Timber Wolf Lake, black and white Nike running shorts and a classic Lokai bracelet. That day I also brought along a lime green Hope College Camelbak water bottle wherever I went.


Many other leaders have DoubleNest hammocks, but on Monday the weather was nice enough to bring out my SingleNest Eno Hammock for the first time!


Wednesday I laid out this outfit, adding a few more pieces since Sunday. I decided on a large Young Life baseball tee, a pair of running shorts, black Nike shoes, a Hope College baseball cap and a few other accessories.


When I first started participating in this trend I thought I had it all figured out, mostly because I knew what the look encompassed but I realized later that I didnt’t own everything that truly makes up the Young Life leader look… Chacos and Patagonia.

This WyldLife leader has some serious shopping to do!


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