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WyldLife Winter Weekend at Timber Wolf Lake—A Young Life Camp

If you’ve never attended a Young Life camp, I can only recommend that you do. This weekend (Jan. 27- Jan. 29) I had the opportunity to travel to Timber Wolf Lake located in Lake City, Michigan with the Greater Holland Area’s WyldLife teams for “Winter Weekend”.

The weekend’s highlight included a talent show in which anyone could participate. In particular, the West Ottawa girls performed a series of stunts ending with a human “water bottle” back flip from a single camper. While Black River’s girls performed an interpretive dance number, five boys of Zeeland entertained the crowd with a few jokes, and the Holland girls displayed a gravity defying “human chair” act.

So while a Young Life camp feels more fun than it is actually digging into God’s Word, this weekend’s scheduled speaker, Cesar Castillejos, captivated the essence of why we should give our lives to Jesus. With the Gospel as a reference, Castillejos explained how Jesus calms our internal and external storms of life, what Jesus does with our sin and brokenness, the power of the cross, and what it means to follow Jesus with courage. After the last talk, hundreds of middle school students from the Holland area and beyond stood up, proclaiming their want to give their lives to Jesus.

In all my years, I’ve attended Christ-centered retreats before, but nothing quite like Timber Wolf Lake. “I think every camp leaves some sort of footprint on their hearts and I definitely think this one left a big one on every single kid that came,” West Ottawa WyldLife leader, Mady Riedlinger said. So not only does a Young Life camp impact the lives of campers but also their leaders… that seems rather significant if you ask me.

If this post interested you, summer camp dates can be found here.



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